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BigCountry 2019-2020

I've have a few cameras out on the properties I hunt in Western Ohio. Not running any cameras this year in Eastern Ohio due to coaching football and having limited time. Anyways I have a potential target buck, I'm sort of up in the air with him, but feel like if I see him in the stand I'll let the arrow fly. I would like to think what ya'll think of him, like I have said in the past I have a garage full of 115 and 120's, I'm looking for mature bucks 4.5 years or older. I think this 11 qualifies. Thoughts, opinions, sarcastic remarks are welcomed.
11 pt 1.JPG



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NW Ohio
I would say 3.5 and possibly 4.5. Hard to age in the summer. Back and belly are fairly parallel. Neck seems to meet the brisket fairly low. Giles said he can't age it without a nutsack pic. Great mass. Looks like some extras. Is he main frame 10pt? Looked that way. I see 140" with a plus minus 5pt. Shoot him if he gets you excited! Good luck Jon.