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Bitter Sweet Ending


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I heard some very sad and very happy news last night. A close family friend passed away last night. This marvelous lady beat cancer three times in the last 15 years, and died because of related complications, though the last cancer was in complete submission. Not only has this lady inspire hundreds that have had cancer and comforted and walked with many through their and their loved one's walks with cancer, she was one of the finest ladies that I have ever known. One of her sons attended Grove City and she was thrilled when she found out that my roommate and myself were going here. I told him last night when I heard the news "we'd better be careful, there's one less person praying for us every day" because I know that she did, without a doubt in my mind. His response was "Do you think she's not looking over us?" That's the sweet portion of the story- they are still partying up there because she is finally home, and sickness-free.

Probably my favorite story was her contribution to a sermon. The pastor was talking about perseverance and thought that if she told her story at the end of the sermon it would be encouraging. I believe that this was during her second battle with breast cancer and the entire congregation was in tears as she told her experiences and stood in front of everyone with a hat on, no hair underneath. A huge Buckeyes fan and the mother of a high school basketball coach, she told our church that when encountering a terrible situation that they just needed to buckle down, focus on Christ, and do it. She took her hat off revealing a beautiful bald head thanks to chemo....with a Nike "Shwoosh" sharpied on the top of her head!

I have tears in my eyes while I'm writing this, thank you Sherry for your love and prayers for me all of these years. You've been an inspiration to all of us and I know you touched my family's life when my aunt lost her battle to cancer in the winter. You're the closest thing I've ever known as a saint, and I know you're in a much better place.

Though you would be hard pressed to find a college student that believes more that today is a day when we should remember our fallen and support our troops, but it's also a day for family and reflection on the greatness of life in our great nation. I hope that you each get the time to do so. Oh yea, and GO BUCKS!


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she gave you the most precious gift...inspiration..and it is a very power drug that is in everyone of us.....peace be with her family...


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Sorry to hear this Steve. Glad to hear she is in a better place. Sounds like she will be missed by all.


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Gods Country
Great title Steve. It is great to know that there is hope after the grave. It is people like Sherry that can always find the positive in the midst of tragedy that help us push through. Even we are having tough times and bad days we don't have to look very far to find some one worse off. I am sure that because her life here on earth is over doesn't mean that her inspiration will soon expire.