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We are now in the world of griddles thanks to my daughter’s boyfriend from Christmas. Can’t freaking believe he did it, 4 burner Blackstone!

It was put on back order last minute before Christmas but finally came in. My wife and I put it together yesterday and today I seasoned it and cooked smash burgers with bacon and grilled onions. Absolutely the best burger I’ve made at home hands down.

So now that I’ve been thrust into the world of cooking on a griddle I’m having to learn quickly how to do things. Hopefully you all can share the do’s and don’ts of cooking on one and maybe even your recommendations and recipes/foods you enjoy making. Two people come to mind right away @Dannmann801 and @Outdoorsfellar teach me your ways!!




Of course I was in a scramble cooking everything and forgot to take a cookingpic til I got inside.


Also had bacon wrapped asparagus on the pellet grill! 🤣
I want a griddle something fierce. Seems like something I'd use more than my pellet grill. Congrats on the new toy, Chuck!
It was something on my "some day" list that I really didn't think much about. Now after going down the rabbit hole of possibilities for things to cook man am I looking forward to trying things with it. There seem to be more videos and recipes out there for this than smoking meats LMAO!
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