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Bluegill Bonanza!


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Allen County
My brother and I took the canoe (new outriggers worked great, very stable) to a large farm pond in Bellefontaine. We fished that pond for 7 hours, caught so many bluegills and bass, that we lost count. The bluegills averaged 8" to 9" long and were 1 1/2" thick. Their coloration was amazing with such iridescent purples and blues, their markings were sharp and brilliant.

The largest bass was caught by my brother and it was a 2 pounder. I've caught larger bass out of this pond, but that was over 15 years ago, so things could've changed. Even so, we had a blast!

As soon as a bluegill would hit our lure, we had to set the hook, hard and reel like crazy, because they'd run straight to the canoe. If you didn't get a good hook set and/or didn't reel fast enough, they'd spit the lure as quick as they'd hit it.

We used all sorts of lures, but our best success came with swimming jigs. Twister tails, sassy shad, roadrunners, etc. and in all colors, but in 1/8th oz. or smaller. We also caught them on Heddon's Tiny Torpedo, Rebel Mini-Shad (crankbait), Roostertails, Sonic Spinners and several tube baits of all colors.

We'd anchor about 30' off shore, cast toward the shore and reel very slowly. Most strikes were almost immediately after the lure hit the water or half way back to the boat. If I had to guess and I do because we lost track of how many...I'd say that the both of us caught over 40 fish. Not bad, for a day's catch.

We kept 14 of the largest bluegills and the one 2 lb. bass. Going to taste great! :smiley_blink:
The catch!

My brother holding the day's take. :smiley_bril:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Gods Country
That sounds like a great day on the water and to share with your bro is even cooler. That looks like some great eats and thanks for sharing.


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NE Ohio
Sounds like a great day!
ounce-for-ounce, I think the bluegills fight harder than the bass


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Massillon, Ohio
I know first hand thats possible.....My moms uncle, his friend and i who live down by cambridge caught 72 blue gill in one day. 8 hours of fishing almost and we would pull em out as fast as we would cast it in. We emptied the creek out, it was crazy. We used maggots, and they were kilin em. That was the best time I ever had fishing, they are bony as all get out but they sure do taste good.

He was the first guy to tell me to spit on my bait and I wasnt holdin my mouth right LOL....I remember him and his buddy laughin at me cause I was over there twisting my jaw all around trying to "hold my mouth right" so the fish would bite...