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Boarhead's Coyote and other critter's snaring.2015-2016


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Well it is almost that time again to get this thing started.
I am getting all the snares dyed this week and plan on getting started right after xmas this year.
Hope to catch several but time will tell as i know i have knocked their numbers down which is great!
Also going to try and catch a few beavers as i was out scouting a little the other day and found lots of beaver sign and a little yote sign.
Also looking forward to having a few of our members come along with me some this year.
I know John R is looking forward to it and hope to see Don and Rick also.
Ric and Karissa are planning on coming up for a day also.
Well i will check back in when i start getting my sets out.
Some pics of the beaver sign uploadfromtaptalk1449506072840.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449506072840.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449506127042.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449506140659.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449506157591.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449506174790.jpg ,I also put a camera on some of the beaver trails so should be interesting to see if i get any pics.



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Stark County
I'd like to make it down this year to run your line with you. I just knocked down the few snares I had out today. Not seeing much sign, I'll put them back up and hang more when it gets really cold and we get some snow.


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Got all my gear boiled and dyed today.
Now if can get some cooler weather.
I dyed 110 snares and 48 pogo stakes today.
Am planning on putting a half dz or dz out for beaver day after xmas and 1 or 2 dz for yote on one farm.
Will try and get some set on the other farm when time permits.
Starting to get little antsy and ready to go.
uploadfromtaptalk1449953603026.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449953618494.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449953629286.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449953648889.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1449953657988.jpg


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Went out and took my last treestand today so stopped and pulled the card on the cam i put where the beavers have been working.
Was cool to get a pic of a nice sized one and a pretty big yote.
Guess when beaver season comes in i will have to set a few yote snares in this area also. uploadfromtaptalk1450030935888.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450030947800.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450030960506.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450030970893.jpg