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Bore sight

Big H

Senior Member
I would say it depends on your finances. When I got tired of borrowing one from my dad or buddies, I looked around and bought a sight mark laser, it does the job and didn't break the bank. I am sure there are much better ones out there but this one is simple and less than $50
Get close to target - 2 shots - shoot one on paper - aim exactually at the target as your first shot - hold your rifle very still and have a buddy adjust your scope till the cross hair is on your first shot bullet hole - 2 nd shot should be dead on

I used steel ground centers to check rings for alignment and lapped them if needed befor mounting a scope - passed the tools on with a laser bore sight tool -- just say n


Junior Member
What are you sighting in? A muzzleloader or any bolt-action rifle, just remove the breech or the bolt and sight down the barrel the old fashion way. It'll get you plenty close on paper to dial it in after a few shots. And it's free.
That’s how I do it! Seems to work good!