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Bought a Kayak


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I was in Dicks Sporting Goods today and came across a Field & Stream Kayak. 12 foot, 2 rod holders, and a removable dry storage area. They had it on sale for $399 regular 699.. Field and Stream rebrands the Old Town Brand Canoes and Kayaks for Dicks.. I got the last one they had in camo. It's really not as shiny as the pic, more flat. I Figured i can do a little waterfowling out of it also. I took it for a test spin up Buck Creek here and like the way it handles and the seat is really comfortable.. Thought i would let you guys know in the event you're looking for one.



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Allen County
Congradulations, on your new purchase. Had it not been for my wife and/or brother wanting to go with me, that kayak would have been my choice too. Old Town has some excellent choices in canoes and kayaks. I'm certain you're as anxious as I am, to get it out on the water.

I just returned from Gander Mtn., in Toledo, with my new Old Town Saranac 146 XT canoe. Got a heck of a deal on it...better than I had expected and saved about $200.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57