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Bourbon....Scotch ...horse piss....


Tatonka guide.
okay boys the weather is coolin so the whiskey is flowin....what you got and whats yur fav....

Johnny walker black label single malt for me...
Crown when i'm broke...:smiley_bril:
Swanton, Ohio
JW Dundee's Honey Brown for me:smiley_adfundum:

If I hit the hard stuff its Skky, Yager, or some Jack Frost's:smiley_bril: Well maybe some to-kill-ya under the right circumstances...:smiley_breakdance:


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Hold on to your shorts boys and sharpen your pencils...

1792 Ridgemont Reserve... A full bold bourbon. Higher proof bourbon but velvety.

Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.. A cheaper yet well crafted bourbon with a oakey spice after taste.

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select.. Ehhhh what can I say. It'll do in a pinch and is carried by most resturants. Nothing hateful but could be better. Drinkable.

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Made by Jim Beam and is a small batch bourbon. Delightful with a crisp yet smooth aftertaste. Subtle hints of vanilla.

Bookers. A VERY full bodied high alc bourbon. a Splash of water is a must to cut the heads and open the body and not burn your lips. When opened it;s a very nice bourbon. lol.

Blanton’s single barrel... A very tasty bourbon. Just the right amount of oak and spice. Smooth end with a hint of vanilla tails. Not greasy on the lips.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed single barrel... Good Deer camp bourbon. Nice with friends and will not break the bank.

There are more.. If you were going to try one first i would start with the Eagle Rare as it; the best for the money. At only 26 bucks a bottle it;s a well crafted bourbon that should easily go for 60+
Deware's or Famous Grouse Gold reserve ....Scotch
Woodford Reserve or Jack Daniels , normally Single barrel
Canadian Club Clasic if I am in the mood for Wiskey

I may not drink a lot
But I preferr at least decent stuff when I do



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NW Ohio
I am far from a connesieur. Can't even spell the word. I just stick with a nice Crown and Coke. Had a guy give me a drink to try a few weeks ago but I be danged if I can remember what it was.:smiley_confused_vra

Help me out here fellas. I am thinking Wild Turkey. I am remembering something about Honey? That is where my memory stops. Sound familiar to you guys?


Tatonka guide.
crown is a little light for me...i like a bolder more defined taste... been through McCallan's 13...okay but not worth the price in my opinion...don't have the coin for McCal's 25.... dang i had another one that was okay but still too pricey for what i was lookin for...


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Jack what was that stuff you had the last bender you went on?
Ahhhh.. That was a nice bottle of Eagle Rare.. 17 Year old Kentucky Bourbon, on the rocks

A mighty fine bourbon indeed. Not on the cheap side though like their standard Eagle Rare.. This Bourbon is aged 17 years. No rush, no hurry, a bourbon to sip, sit, and remember times gone by, A Oak throughout, with a subtle leathery tails and a hint of vanilla that comes and goes through the finish.

A bourbon for remembering and savoring the good times, not for forgetting the bad.


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Central Ohio
Maker's Mark with an ice cube or two.

So far I've been to Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, and Marker's Mark on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Woodford Reserve is next on the list...


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Crawford county
more of a rum drinker myself, captain morgan or bacardi will do. light or dark depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm feeling mello a few spiced rum and colas or a bacardi silver and coke with a lime taste pretty good. If i'm feelin frisky the its time to break out either the morgan tatoo or the bacardi select, a little darker for a darker mood.

whiskey? I'd stick with the old standards like beam or daniels, sometimes a sip of black velvet or southern comfort are nice. I've recently discovered red stag and i believe that will be what goes to the woods in my flask on those cold winter days.