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WTB bow wanted

hay guys . needing something to play with . im looking for an older compound bow . dont have to be a newer one with cams . or a speed demond. something i can change the string on with out having to recable the thing . let me know if you got something cheep . thanks , hoot


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Hoyt Heat.... Older, energy wheels.... New string/cable... I think they call it a fast flite system.... not looking for money what you got to trade????


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I have a gem that may be just what your looking for... My guess is you're looking for a riser to warf.. I have an old Bear Black Bear sitting in the garage.. Everything except the string.. It's still cabled. I planned to warf it myself into my first "trad" bow but have to many projects and not enough time... I'll trade you your Azzy for it.. LOL Seriously Hoot. It's yours if you want it buddy.