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Brushes with famous people


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I ran into Flavor Flav in the Atlanta airport, but I couldn't stop to say hi since I had to catch a connecting flight. We made eye contact, I pointed and nodded, and he did the same. It was awesome. Yeah Boooooyyyyyy.

That is fantastic!! You win!!

Reminds me of the time I was watching OSU at ATT stadium.....we won that NATTY by the way!

I was having a few cold pops with my cousin before the game in the tailgating area. Here comes a golf cart down and this guy jumps off as I am walking past, it was Chris Carter! I yelled "holy F, you are Chris Carter" - he laughed and shook my hand. First time I ever felt "star struck" just caught me so off guard.


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Nw oh
Met a girl that was in playboy, not a centerfold, nor featured picture or article. Just on a small section of a page, mentioned as a cyber girl when the Internet was taking over. Shithole bar that only served beer was having a meet and greet. I probably paid 5 or 10 dollars to have a picture taken with her on my lap kiss on the cheak in the back hallway where they had the camera set up. Small town Saturday afternoon. Some old fer hollard at me for getting into his crock pot of chili sitting in the corner. My buddy played center and retired form the redskins. That's all.


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Gods Country
I didn't think about it at first. Helped do all the HVAC work in Tim Belchers house when he built. Former Indians pitching coach and pro pitcher.. There was only 6 furnaces and A/Cs in the house. 🤣🤣🤣

He was a great guy to work for and very down to earth. You wouldn't know he's rich beyond belief by just running into him.

brock ratcliff

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Mark Bihl played center for Michigan. Senior year, 2006. Don Adams, country musician. Played with Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Waylon Jennings as well as solo. Both customers at our shop. You’d never know either had done anything unique.
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Around 2001 I walked into this little shithole pool joint in Macon Ga, as soon as I stepped through the door I saw this black fella playing pool. He looked up and it was little Richard. I just stood there with my arms out and shook my head like "WTF". He laughed and said "I don't know if you're confused because I'm a black man in a hole in the wall bar in Macon Ga, or because I'm little Richard". I responded "both". Played half a game of pool with him before some friends of his came and he left.

That next year I was on a business trip to Missoula Montana. After landing I was standing by baggage claim waiting. I commented about the big ass grizzly bear mount they have there. Sort of over my shoulder to the guy standing next to me. I looked over, and then up. The guy standing there was Sinbad. 😅


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I've only ever met a couple famous people. Seen a lot more then I've ever talked to lol.

Mid Ohio sports car track brings in a ton of people amazingly enough for being in the middle of nowhere. Seen Frankie Muniz, Dennis Rodman, Helio Castroneves and Danica Patrick. FYI she is not a nice person behind the scenes.

Kip and his wife I met at a bow shoot back in 2010 and they seemed pretty cool.

The now coach of the team up north. Met him at a local golf course years ago. His family lives in the next town over so the brothers come home to visit from time to time. He signed a football card from his 2nd year pro playing QB for Da Bears. Isn't worth a lot I'm sure but back when I had him sign it he was making waves. That didn't last long lol.

Watched Arnold Schwarzenegger as he walked right by me at about 5' last March. Brantley Gilbert is suprisingly tall and would give old Willy Nelson a run for his weed smoking abilities lol.

My favorite was ol Tom from Mountain Men. Him and his partner were at the opening of Field and Stream in Columbus. Got to talk to Tom for a little bit. Pretty cool guy and I will say 100% that what you see on TV is what you get in person. Really nice down to earth guy that just loves life and doing what he does.


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In a bar
If you ever want to meet a real weirdo, talk to Nicholas Cage. That fella has a vibe that is CREEPY! Get away from me and my kids kind of creep.

He was filming a movie across the street from my shop one late night. I had just got back to town with a load of goods. It was just after 0300 so I just pulled up on the sidewalk in front of the store. He walked up out of nowhere and started talking to me about my truck. Shocked me at first as I didn't know who he was or where he came from. One of his guards came to retrieve him pretty quick. But the minute or so we chatted felt like an eternity. I've never had a worse vibe off anyone in my life.