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Brushing In A Blind


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Now that I'm back up off the ground for archery, I decided to brush in my blind for gun and muzzy season. Here's some step by step pics of my progress. Remember the feeder I had to move because of the Amish? Well this blind is 60 yards from the feeders new home.

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I have a few more to add when I get back to the house. The end result looks like a sweet set up to me. Btw two days after we moved the feeder there were deer feeding from it. I'm not hunting this until gun season and it should be a good meat market if we can get some snow by then to cover up some of the other food.


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I still have a little more I want to do, but heres how I left it today.

Ten Yards

Twenty Yards

Fifty Yards

Deers Veiw From The feeder Yep there's my hunting truck. She's getting old.

My Veiw Of A Sixty Yard Shot To The Feeder



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Looks good and I don't think they'll bust you lol. How's the activity been around the feeder???
It's slow but there's some deer feeding at night. I have no cameras so that's a guess on when they are feeding. I had this feeder up for well over a year before I moved it here. Should be some does that fed as fawns bringing their young here this year. I don't expect to see any booners around this setup, but you never know come gun season if I have the does.

Great job Badger! Did ya use a brush hog to cut the path?

Good luck buddy! :smiley_bril:

Sure did Jeff. The day we moved the feeder we cut a few lanes. The one the feeder is on dead ends where I set up the blind.


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Swanton, Ohio
Don't take this the wrong way. I am not trying to be a dick.

That is brushed in far better than any of my portable ground blinds are. It really looks great!

My question is why did you brush in a "portable" so permnent?? I guess only having one ground blind myself, I try and keep it mobile. If I am settinng something up to hunt a month or more down the road I just build it out of deadfall and what I can find in the area and save the portable for any"hot sign" or a trip to a new property.

You need to teach me how to snare and I'll build you a sweet box blind to replace your portable for next year!!

P.S. How about some good pics of that feeder. Looks like welded connections, I wanna build one like that!!

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I am going to brush in a ground blind where I keep watching four does feed every morning and night...for myself or sisters boyfriend who is wanting to get into hunting and if the weather is right take my 3 yr old so she can sit in the tent and see some deer!...I sent it up in the back yard last week and smoked the interior but before that she was in it telling me to be quiet because there was a big buck so she grabbed one of the stakes to hold it down the tent and shot that big bastard dead, she said dad lets go look at him so we had to sneak out and trail him to the corner of the yard and she said oh daddy he is a big one and lifted up his imaginary antlers lol....it was funny stuff


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Do you have a sight lanes in there other than the shooting lane?
I'd be real bored sitting in that blind for more then an hour.
Would it be possible to cut two more lanes on either side so you could tell if something's coming.
It's brushed in mighty fine.


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Looks sweet, but like Ben said, I'd get bored with that tunnel vision real fast!!! Hopefully it works out for you Dale!!!

I have plans to brush one in at the top of a ridge next week for a late season spot. If i look to my right 20 yards about 250 acres of pines starts. If I look to my left I can see about 20 yards before it goes off the side of the ridge.. There is a 6 foot 4 inch pipe feeder 20 yards off each side full of golden acorns. One tucked in the pines, and one on a trail that runs the ridge top. I can tell i am going to be bored as hell in this blind. Luckily I have 4 spare batteries form my blackberry, and a two foot stack of playboys.

Next year I plan to make something more permanent. I have the lumber and will be building a 7' x7' dirt floor "blind". Complete with shelves, curtains, shoot through mesh, and maybe even a urinal.. (Funnel nailed to the wall and a 50 foot water hose under the leaves over the side of the ridge.) Dis nigga gonna be hunting in style. lmao


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Athens County
I b blind brushing tommorow. Not sure of the exact spot yet, but thinking just on the inside of about 30 acres of pine scrub. I think theres a perfect little opening. Will try to get a pic when alls said and done.


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NW Ohio Tundra
Here are a couple of blinds that I set up for the kids this season...I think it's imperative that they don't look like a blind, or the deer will never come close enough...
I like to take the vegetation from the immediate area and use it to camoflage the blind as much as possible.



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NW Ohio Tundra
I don't know what type of deer you are hunting, but every deer that sees a "deer blind" around here automatically goes on high alert. If you just plop a blind down in the woods or along the edge of the woods, you might as well stay at home.

Turkeys on the other hand, well, they are dumb and will walk right up to a blind without brushing it in.


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The buck in my profile, and the buck I shot this year, both died out of a unbrushed in blind, that I put up that afternoon both times....
I have shot at least four bucks out of unbrushed blinds. Dad shot his buck last year at ten yards out of on an unbrushed blind.. Not young deer...Have had luck in Perry, Washington ans Noble counties doing it...
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