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Bucks, returning one year to the next.


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Posted thsi on OS, just now getting a chance to post here.

I am extremely intrigued by bucks returning from one year to the next. Which leads to me being obsessed with antler growth from one year to the next. One thing I am noticing is the time frame these bucks follow! Of the deer that I get photos of that are not resident deer, they seem to arrive around the same date, from year to year.

Here are a couple deer that have a returning history!

Shorty 08

Shorty 09 (He was shot by my neighbor in the second gun season in 09)

Junk 09 (named for his obvious crappy rack)

Junk 10

Towering Tony (09)

Towering Tony (10)

Roamer 09

Roamer 10

Dont have a name for this buck yet



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SE Ohio
I don't see that many from one year to the next because I get so many deer on the roam in a year's time. All I know is the one buck I built the most history with went from a 145" 12-point as a 3.5, to a 183" 18-point as a 4.5 and that will most likely be something I will never witness again.


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Southeast Ohio
Don't have all the pics on my photobucket account, but I have several.

Short Tined Ten '09

STT '10

No Name '09

No Name '10

I also have pictures of this guy from '09

Big Sixx '10

And somewhere I have video of Hook from '08, then Jesse and I both have pictures of him from '09


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This is my second year running cameras and last year I had very few pictures of bucks. What amazed me is the number of bucks I ended up with this year. Awesome. What I found more impressive is how much antler growth they put on in the spring and how quickly at times. I will dig some out later.