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It started without our knowing last year. I set up a camera on a scrape behind the house and got these pics.
i had thoughts about how nice this buck would be next year. For some reason i really like bucks with the long straight mainbeams. After killing my buck my dad and I went for a hunt behind the house in a spot where we normally see bucks cruising beetween a few bedding areas. We were only 200yards from the house when a doe jumps up with a buck behind her. He was atleast 20 inches wide and you could tell he was a stud. We went on to our spot where we had a 100 incher right under us along with a smaller buck. We went home and thought about the big buck. A few weeks later my dad went to the same spot and right before dark he saw "bullwinkle" again. He walked by at 60 yards. All he could do was watch him through the binocs. A few days later he sat in the same area and saw him again but he was on the lower shrelf and out of bow range. A week after that i got this pic of him on cam in the same area.
this got us going again but we never saw him again. The neighbor was talking about all the pictures he had of a really wide buck. We started talking about how fun it would be to find his sheds or even hunt him next year when he was a real giant. Then rumor had it that our neighbor had shot a big buck. We hoped that it wasnt bullwinkle but sadly after comparing the pictures we are pretty sure it's him. It wouldnt be so bad but the deer more than likely wasnt killed the way he should have been there was a good chance of foul play being done.

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Ashtabula, Ohio
Aaaaaaa come on buddy, tell us. Why worry about a neighbor hood fight, you already stated there was a chance of foul play. :smiley_chinrub: