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Dont know about you guys, but I have been run over by mushroom hunters the last 3 days. They all seem to have bags full. May be a good thing cuz the last two I watched for over 45 min before I let them know I was there and seen EVERY spot they stop to pick.lol:smiley_bril:


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Gods Country
If you where turkey huntin you could had them fill their shorts with some fungus by popping off a shot. :smiley_crocodile:
It amazes me how many of them will walk right in on ya, even if you call like crazy to give them a general idea, that you are in the area hunting.......... I'm not a mushroom eater, so they do tend to rub me the wrong way..... I was going to scare the hell out of a guy last week who came stomping through the woods, but I bean to hear kids with him, so I thought otherwise............. But damn, I wanted to pop off one of my 3.5" rounds out of my Benelli...............