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Busting Clays

It was pretty warm here on saturday so Jessie and I tried something new. We setup a few strawbales and hung clay pigeons on 3 inch screws. Id suggest that you use judo or G5 small game heads if you really want to get the clays to bust apart. Field points just seem to punch holes in the clays most of the time. We had a ton of fun and it turned in to a compitition who could break the most clays at the 30 yard line. For a five dollar box of clays you can't beat it. This is a great activitly for shooters that have the basics down. The instant feed back is great if you want to practice long distance shooting as well. I busted two a 100 yards with my compound and was pretty impressed with myself.

The smile on her face says it all.

The longbow I built.
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