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By product of deer hunting


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NE Ohio
This is the second year I have passed up a turkey while bow hunting deer.:smiley_confused_sch

I know kill zones on deer "inside and out" but can someone please show me a kill zone on a turkey. I have thought to do the neck shot for the all-or-nothing opp. but maybe there's a better way.

Any info would be greatly appreicated. I process pictures even better. Thanks

So Adam. Got a cool map of a turk like you do the deer? lol


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North Central Ohio

About the best I can do on turks. I will look more later and see what else I can find.


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Massillon, Ohio
Shot at a hen, tried to cut her head off. It glanced off her neck and knocked her out while giving her a good skinnin, jesse jumped out of the blind like a spider mkoney and gave her the roush boot finishing move. Hillarious....


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NE Ohio
Thanks guys.
Had 2 come in this morning but the one w/ a 3+ inch beard busted me from 18'up , and 30 ' out. Dang things worse than deer.


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Looks to me like Redcloud said it all right there. The only thing that could be added is that to use the biggest broadhead you can. I shoot a rage three blade now-a-days, for everything and though it does agreat job, It causes a lot of breast meat damage no matter the angle of attack you use in putting the arrow in. A 1 1/2 inch or bigger fixed blade could be just as effective as long as it goes where yhou point it. Heavier shafts/heads do a good job at shutting the birdys down but I've used 100 grain heads on a 9 grains per inch shaft with good results.

(Great post)