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Cam’s opening morning hunt

Eye Spy

Junior Member
Willard, OH
Cam and I sat up in an area where I have been hearing birds all week long and wouldn’t you know it; not a peep. After deciding there were no birds around us, we made a little move to the north. We got things set up on a bench overlooking a river bottom and let out a couple yelps to have one respond a pretty good ways down the bottom. After a little coaxing, he started moving our way gobbling to every call I made. After about 20 minutes he came into view but hung up at a dry creek bed around 100 yards out. He gobbled his fool head off for what seemed to be forever then his curiosity/ love got the best of him finally bringing him right to our laps. Cam let him have a few BB’s and the rest is history. I couldn’t be more proud of him.