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Camera Brands.

What Brand.

  • Browning

  • Stealth Cam

  • Covert

  • Pyle

  • Bushnell

  • Moultrie

  • Cudi

  • Primos

  • WildGame

  • Spartan

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I like bushnell but they seem to break after 3 years. Covert is a very good camera also. I’ve tried browning but the battery life sucks and I know it missed a lot of pics. I’ve seen deer/turkey in front of the camera then when I went and looked at the sd card, no pics. Maybe I got a lemon but because of the bushnells 3 year life span, I’ve been trying other cameras and right now it looks like I’ll be swapping out my bushnells for coverts when they go bad.


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Bushnell. I tried 4 Brownings. I bought 2 and a buddy bought 2. His didn't last long. Mine are still going but picture quality dropped off midway thru the first year. I've also watched deer walk by the camera without triggering it while I was in the stand. I know they are only getting a portion of what goes by. I'm done with Browning. Tried Spypoint. NOPE! Maybe it is time to try Covert or Moultrie again (My first was a Moultrie that ate D batteries for breakfast but that was many moons ago.)
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