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catching shad

well ive been cast netting shad along time now , been keeping some pretty good logs on where i catch em , what time of day , weather so on and so forth , i thaught i knew a good bit about catching shad , well i knew today wasnt gonna be a good day for catching them but had to get out of the house , so i grabbed the cats net , and went out to the lake started throwing where i normally catch them this time of year and the weather conditions that were happening and guess what , not one shad , nothing , zip

so i drove around looking for good spots to throw , well i knew a spot that held suckers this time of year and decided to try for some suckers , and thats when i learned that no matter how much you know about a fish , they will always surprise you , the suckers werent there , but the shad were , by the hundreds , now according to my log book , they shouldnt have been in this spot , the water was to cold , wind from wrong direction and it was just wrong all the way around for where they were , so now i have to do some more reasearch and find out why these shad were in this area when by all means they shouldnt have been , ill post my findings in a later post
see i thaught that to , but with the widn direction i had they shouldnt have been in that cove cause it was to shallow , they would have gotten beat to death by the waves , went back out this morning and they were gone, talked to a few guys in boats in the cove and they were nice enough to take me round the cove few times if i caught them some shad and we found out why they were in the cove , the saugeye had em pushed back in this area , every time we marked shad we marked saugeye , i caught the shad and they had a good morning on saugeye , so here is what i think happend , the shad went back into there at night to feed , and saugeye ended up findign them and kept em cornederd in this area , i could be wrong but it is the only conclusion i could come up with