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catfish obsession


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Shermans Dale, PA
If your that obsessed you should go to Spain to fish for wels catfish. I can recommend an excellent outfitter! Shoot if the timing was right I might even go with ya!


Super Moderator
Super Mod
North Central Ohio
I like the catfishing trips however, I'm not as obsessed with it as much as I once was.

I don't know why but some reason or another fall of 09' was a turning point for me and an old addiction came back to me (Damn Whitetail deer anyway lmao. ) Before that you couldn't get me off the water. I would be bass fishing morning and evenings and catfishing at night :D.


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Staff member
I once was when i lived in the south.. But in Ohio they just don't grow em like back home. It would be like a deer hunter moving from Iowa to Pennsylvania.. Just fugg it..