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Caught with my pants down


Junior Member
Summit County
I hadn't seen a thing all day and decided to go in for lunch. I lowered my pack down, then my bow, unscrewed my hangers an folded up the seat on my climber and put my feet in the stirrups to begin my descent.

Then he stepped on a twig. He was big and headed my way. I made the split second choice to hoist my bow back up because I thought he was going to skirt the thicket behind me ,and present a quartering away shot at 25 yds.

He had,a different plan and changed course at and took a path that would allow,him to spot me before I had a chance to draw. I didn't know this since my back was turned but when I heard him behind me instead of seeing him pop out in front of me, I knew it wax not going to end well. Since I was already committed, I continued to carefully pull my bow up into the stand and with my back turned I was able to retrieve an arrow from the quiver and get it on the string. By this time he had closed the distance to about 20 yds and had noticed that he had stopped. I slowly turned my head and he saw me. He didn't blow but he changed course and after about 20yds he stopped and looked back over his shoulder. He then continued on over the ridge and I wanted to scream. Unless. I was mistaken, he was the nice 10 that I saw at 50 yds last week. Hopefully he will be back but I am not holding my breath.....:mad:


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NE Ohio
I hate when that happens.

Been there more times than I care to remember.
Hang in there and good luck!
Since the full moon is upon us, it might be a better idea to pack a lunch and spend the day...when you have it to spend. :smiley_chinrub:

During full moon weeks, I will go out an hour or more after sunrise and come back in a couple of hours before sunset. Every area is different and only you know the area well enough to know if this strategy will work. Quite often, during a full moon week, a mid-day hunt will do the trick.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57