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Centerpoint Tormentor 380


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So I had the urge to get a crossbow to play around with just for shits and giggles. My main bow will still be my Martin Onza3, but definitely will be heading to the woods with the xbow a few days. Didn't want to break the bank on another toy to be used occasionally and basically be a backup bow.. Although the low prices of CenterPoint bows had me doubting their quality, I finally decided what the heck and bought the Tormentor. Crossman had a $50 rebate on them so it cost me a whopping $209.00 to my door...
As I unpacked it to put it together I was amazed at the quality of everything and how easy it went together. Although I did swap the scope out for a Hawke 3X Map one... Finally had some time to shoot it the other day... Again I have to say WOW... Nice trigger, was fast and quite. Although the safety is very loud when taking it off... Found that holding both sides and moving it forward slowly solved that problem... First shot was dead on left and right but high, so lowered it a few clicks and after 6 shots I moved back to approx. 35 yds. (give or take as I just stepped it off)... Heres a pic of shots #7,8 and 9... Still have to tinker with it and broadheads...

20171025_162701.jpg 20171027_083941.jpg