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cold shot


Active Member
Last night's cold arrow.


brock ratcliff

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Supporting Member
Funny you mentioned that Jamie. I shot a judo several times on my way to the truck this morning. I found out it’s impossible for me to shoot my bow with that particular jacket on. Sleeves are too binding and threw my shots off. I’m gonna have to just go with a vest or something.


Senior Member
Licking Co.
haven't had to wear much until today. dressing for cold while still being able to shoot a trad bow is quite important when the temps start getting into the 20's at night and you actually meant to kill something while your out there freezing. It is practically a science. This is why I am A#1 Sitka gear fanboy. I've never owned any hunting clothing that is designed and cut better for shooting my bow with layers on. and it's quiet and warm and durable.