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cold shot


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So last night was the first night in a long time I wasn't shooting real well with the Stalker. Not horrible shooting, just "loose" and inconsistent compared to the past few weeks. For poops and chuckles I strung up the old Bear K Mag for the first time in weeks. First arrow.

After that arrow I put 7 or 8 more in a row right down the middle. So this morning I took my cold shot after coffee with the old Bear and a 200 grain Cleaver head.

Not perfect but perfectly lethal.


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This shoulder has been a pain in the ass. Been a struggle train shooting a couple of my bows so I broke out old reliable my #47 one piece.
This will be my go to until I get my new shoulder Dec 11th.
Cold shot was good today along with follow up shots at 18 yds. Will practice out of treestand later today.
First hunt of the season starts tomorrow afternoon.


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Todays cold shot from 10 yards, quartering a bit. Double lung, centered the heart. Opposite leg stopped the arrow and made a loud CRACK when it hit. She made it 60 yards as fast as her legs would go, stopped for a second and fell down. I sat for three hours this beautiful morning and did not see a deer. Shot her at 10:10.



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It always feels good to drill one perfect, but something I've never seen before happened. when I picked up my arrow about 10 feet from where she was standing. It was missing about one inch of shaft and the broadhead (Zwickey Delta two blade). I looked around right there for a minute before proceeding to the body. When I found her she was laying on her side with the entry wound up, nary a speck of blood on the ground. I turned her over to find no exit hole. Ok, the broadhead is probably still in the chest broken off by the opposite leg when she fled. I was very careful with the field dressing when I got up into the chest thinking there was probably a sharp head floating around in there someplace. No dice. I rummaged through the gut pile after gathering up the heart, which had a big slice smack dab in the middle of it, which is pure luck as I never try to shoot that tight to the shoulder, but I was lining up with the opposite leg, which I apparently centered. Anyway, I looked hard, but no luck. I even went back to where I found the arrow to look again but found nothing. I rushed home and peeled her as quick as i could. When I got down past the shoulders I noticed the left leg was bloodshot really bad, and upon closer inspection, I found my broadhead halfway down the leg! It is hard to believe the path the head took to get there as the shot was not that steep. I suppose it hit the legbone and deflected straight down and just followed the bone for that partial second before she took flight. The muscle in that area was demolished. About 1/16" of the tip was curled. I can fix it. ;)

The blue dot is where I recovered the broadhead.

broadhead recovery.jpg