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Come fly with me ....


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Tis the season to be sitting around outside. I've decided to be a menace to the neighborhood once again with a new drone. This a a whole new ballgame than what I've messed with before. I picked up a DJI Spark which has been out a few years now, so prices have come down, but still I don't dare tell the wife what I paid. I got a pair of DJI Goggles also, so it's like I'm in the cockpit. This is about the size of a cell phone. Here's one of my first flights that made it up to @ 350 ft. I can't believe how stable this is . My other drones couldn't handle any breeze & it's been years since I've messed with them .



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That is TOO cool.... i want one. Like Sgt. Fury said, that is extreme stable. got a inexpensive one for one of my kids...and it doesnt have video,and if it did it would make u sea sick to watch. That would be great for scouting land, and all that u see out of glasses? Was it easy to learn controls? U seem to fly it with ease... whats the price on one of those?


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To begin with ..... I made it sound easier than it is. It took me most of today to get it in the air. There's unforeseen downloads that need to be done first, that I didn't know about. You can't over think a problem & it's a given that the set up is smarter than the operator. The batteries are advertised @ 16 min flying time. That's sucky, but it is a good amount of time. It's best to have a number of batteries. They're not cheap. The whole thing isn't cheap. The prices are better than it was to begin with though. My goal is to take it up to the local junior high school & fly it back home, which is almost two miles. Not sure how big my balls are for that just the same. The goggles ... I've only used as it was getting dark, so I merely hoovered in the driveway. It was cool. The range for the goggles is maybe 400 yards or something ?? I dunno for sure. Otherwise, you need to clip your cell phone to the remote, use an app & watch it live from there. Youtube is full of this model & others in flight. I bought this only because I have money coming to me. I'd never be able to afford all this. The goggles I bought were refurbished, which is a better price than brand new ones, but with the warranty. They're still expensive. There's much less expensive goggles, but not all the options & probably not the range.


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NW Ohio
Very cool Kevin. Why the Junior High school? Just for known distance or to mess with the kids? lol Is this something you need to register or does registration only happen if you fly to a certain altitude? Definitely intriguing.


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Haha. No freaking neighbor lady. No heat signature either.
Phil, I mentioned the school because of altitude where the school sits higher than anything around & line of sight. It would be a weekend flight if I did it anyhow. There are FCC regs that are standard, so you do have to be mindful of where & how it's flown.