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Compact Tractor

Ok. I am in the market for a compact tractor to use at camp. Here are my requirements.

1. 4wd (this one I may bend on as I could probably get by with 2WD
2. 3pt hitch
3. Big enough to run a 4' brush hog
4. Must weigh in at under 2,000 lb so that I can haul it on my single axle trailer.
5. Budget is under $3,000

I know a bigger tractor I can get more work done. I have a 65 HP tractor at home. Issue is that I don't have enough truck and trailer to take it to camp. With the loader and everything on it I have got to be north of 7,000lb. The other issue is at camp is I am doing alot of small areas and even if I took that tractor down, it would be a pain to use as it is simply too big.

Currently I am using a weed whacker to mow things and it works out alright, but the other thing with a tractor is I would also like to get a 3pt tiller so that I could till up the food plots once the stumps get rotted out.

I have been looking for a few weeks and I have been seeing alot of Fords and Kubotas of course, but I have also been seeing Yanmar, Satoh, and Mitsubishi tractors. Anyone have any recommendations.

PS. A trail mower behind a UTV isn't an option either. With the areas I would need to back it up a fair amount and also need to lift the mower up to go over some rough rocky terrain/stumps. Plus I want to be able to put a tiller on the back.


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The older Ford tractors were pretty stout little machines. I have seen a few of those in the sub $3000 range. Might have to jump up to $4-5k though. Yanmar, Satoh, and Mitsubishi would scare me when looking for parts. My buddy has an older Ford he has used for years to put in lawns and bush hog. I want to say it is a 1750 or 1950 model? Something along those lines. Has stood up to the abuse pretty well. He is hard on stuff.
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I think finding what you're looking for at $3k or under might be pretty tough. Not impossible... but tough. Where's the nearest dealer to your camp? How often do you suspect you'll be down there using said machine? Just wondering if it might make more sense to rent a tractor as-needed instead of buying one just for camp.


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I agree with the renting idea. Then you can really dial in what size and type you want to purchase. This will also allow for the money stash to grow.
Well. Here is my reasoning. I would like to have a 3 pt tiller at home to do the garden and food plots. To get to fit my tractor at home is going to run into some $$. I would use the bush hog for the plots and trails at camp plus could use it for the yard there. Probably would use a dozen times a year at camp. I don’t know if there is too many places that rent

As far as budget the 3k is a little tight. From what I have been seeing 4K wouldn’t be too hard to do. My budget is tractor only. No implements.