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Corn or beans...


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Sunbury, OH
So which do you prefer to hunt over/near and why? Just so happens that almost all of my honey holes are surrounded by corn this year and it worries me a bit. Corn has done well for me in the later months of the season but beans are always hot early. Whatta ya think?



The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
Corn! Beans are great early season, corn is great all season long. I want to hunt from start to finish.

P.S. I have a great tactic that works great for a secluded picked corn field that I will share for beer:smiley_adfundum: You need to start working it as soon as the corn comes off:smiley_bird:


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Central Ohio
I'd say beans for the first week or two in the season, but this year everything is dried out much sooner than normal. Wonder how soon the combines will be taking it off? After that corn has always done good throughout the whole season, even after it's gone. The challenge early on is that deer like to bed down in it, and don't have to leave the security it provides.

Depending on the wind, I'm either hunting the edge of a creek crossing & corn on the afternoon of opening day, or a fencerow with apple trees between a corn and a bean field.


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Beans should be coming off soon, any day (though I can't see the color of them from Western PA... :) ) and it seems like corn comes off right before / during gun season.

I like beans


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Gods Country
The one farm I picked up last year is all beans again this year. Other than that every where I hunt is basically woods and pastures. So I really can't say which I like more. If I had to pick I guess it would be beans just because of the visibility factor.


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SE Ohio
I only like corn if it is in a pile or on my plate! :smiley_adfundum:

Corn has been the reason for some of my worst seasons. Because I more big woods than crop ground, when there is corn, the deer refuse to leave it. When the fields I do hunt near are in beans, that limits their hiding areas and levels the playing field a little. I've not had much luck killing them on or over the beans, but I like the fact that they can't hide in them. The single best hunt I have ever had was a late October hunt over beans where we saw 30+ deer. Can't do that over standing corn...


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NW Ohio Tundra
Standing corn.....That's where the big boys will be until it comes off.

They stay in there for the security cover more than they do for food reasons. They will come out of a cornfield to eat soybeans, but the vastness of a 160 acre field of corn is what a mature buck prefers to hide in.