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Cotty's 2017 shed thread


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Not sure how many posts I'll get to put in here as I'm not usually too successful at finding sheds. I usually average about two a year. Lol

But, I figured I'd start a thread since I'm off to a good start.

I have a lab/collie mix that we got from the pound as a pup. I've been working with him on finding sheds and it's still a work in progress. He just turned 1 a few days ago.

I saw this set a good ways off and let Billy come up on them himself. He went to them, but failed to bring them to me like he does in the yard. Hopefully that changes at some point.


Here's a pic of when I first saw them from about 150 yards out.

Here's the ATL pic

And here's my dad with them and them on the table. Not a bad set!



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dunn nc
Awesome find, I;m ready to start looking, but i'm not seeing many that has dropped on cams yet.
My hats off to your dad for walking those hills.
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Real nice start!! My lab did the same thing on my son's first shed. He found it and we had already talked about letting the dog sniff around before we picked it up. He went right to it, sniffed and walked away. I'd guess it's because it didn't have any of OUR scent on it perhaps?? Not sure. The first one he did find though was the next trip down and that was when he did pick it up and carried it for a bit before dropping it.