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Couple of Chucks

Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
I love a job where you can shoot shit!

2 pup groundhogs shot less than 3 minutes from each other with the farm's 10/22 which I've never shot before today. I shot the first one in the left armpit and the second one in the other one. I was aiming for chest on both, so I can't say that the gun is anymore patterned!


And yes, Danman, it felt good to make something die.


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Massillon, Ohio
There is a field(city limits), that just today had 25 woodchucks in it...all i could think of is sneaking in there and arrowing a couple of them.

Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
I didn't think til I put the pictures up that Badger is going to be pissed that I didn't skin 'em and put 'em on ice. I've never messed with eating a groundhog, but I figure that if the Badger cooked it, I'd eat it.

I did think about taking my bow up there, but I only had field points with me. There's always the next time.

When we walked up to the greenhouse we're putting in (up in a pasture), we saw two HUGE chucks on the other side and then were like "uh, who brought the rifle?" I was up there later by myself and drew on the second one, only to be on the other side of the greenhouse and debating whether or not I wanted to shoot through the chicken wire sides. He didn't give me time to think. I turned around and spotted the second one and leaned on a rubbermaid tub sitting on the flatbed trailer that's up there. Perfect height. Pop. I went back to fitting pipe, only on the other side of the trailer so I could see where the original one came out. He came out within 3 minutes and I zipped him. The "you're not going back to the hole" follow-up shot zinged off the chicken wire...nice.