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Covid bucks


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Come on with it. How many of you guys either killed a buck with covid, on covid leave or just after covid?

I know @Big H and @windowlicker did and they both killed personal best! Motivate me with pics of motivation! My days are gonna be very limited when I get a chance to get back out.


Village idiot and local whore
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In a bar
Hope you’re feeling better soon buddy
Thanks, but let's not dwell on that part folks. Trying to look forward to the days I get the hell outa here! Let's think and be positive together! I can control that part more than this. Help me find that motivation to do more exercises so I can get back in the deer woods.

Copy everyone? Not trying to be rude, but let's focus on the good here. Positive reinforcement 👍


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Keene, OH
Damnitman- well, I think I've got the 'Rona as well, just poped 101.3F, but so far nothing other than the light symptoms. I'm sure you're in great hands in an ICU so no sense asking about treatment.

If you're typing then I guessing you're not vent'ed? I've been reading the issues and mostly it's in repertory system so this is what I'm doing - I free dive in the GOM so these are really strait forward.

Coronavirus Recovery: Breathing Exercises

Hope this brings a smile man... Best of luck.


Norton , Ohio
I’ll keep ya in my thoughts and prayers Dave. Keep fighting no matter what and absolutely stay Positive. 🙏🏻 I had my bout with it starting the end of October and it didn’t let go until the first week of December. It was definitely a fight so stay the course man. 👊🏻
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Dave... Sorry to hear your sick... Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery.... So your currently in a hospital??? Or your home in bed..


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NW Ohio
Good to see you posting and taking some crap from the TOO gang. When you didn't post for 24hrs it was weird. People start texting each other like "Where's Dave?" As much grief as we give you, must feel good to know people noticed you were missing within 24hrs. Keep healing up. Not sure anyone else has big enough shoulders to carry your load. Heal up and kill your buck!


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Nw oh
I think this will be a story for your future genorations....grandpa was in an icu bed after new years and that tough bastard go out and killed a buck that year!!! Heal up man.
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Allen County
I had the coronavirus, last year about this time and I missed the rest of the season. :rolleyes: It was more of a matter of regaining my strength, than being sick. Interesting how it hits people differently. :unsure: I had about 3 days of bad headaches and during that time is when I couldn't taste or smell anything. After that, it was all recovery of my strength and getting plenty of rest.

I certainly hope you get recovered and get back home soon!!! 💯😎 Prayers, brother!

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
Just worry about recovering so you can be back with your family. Don’t pressure yourself…you’ve got plenty of seasons ahead of you….you can look forward to shed hunting, looking for morels, getting your spots ready for next season…and I know how you look forward to trying to outwit the wily eastern turkeys. Plenty of things to look forward to…just concentrate on regaining your strength.


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Walbridge oh
Only motivation I have for ya is deer meat lol! Making jerky! Get well and get out of that f-ing place as soon as you can!
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