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Coyote/predator decoys on sale


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For those thinking of venturing into predator hunting (ahemmm. . . Dannman. . .hehehe) a decoy to take the coyote's eyes off you is not a bad investment. Bowhunter57 told me about this and I did some research as well on predatormasters.com which backed it up. Coyotes are going to hear your calls, but if they see a decoy they are going to switch to "sight hounds" and move in. They are not absolutely necessary, but I think they work.

Right now Sportsman's Guide has their rabbit decoy for $26.99. I think this is just for the Member's deal though. I believe this is made by Western Rivers or something like that. I think I might pick another one up. I had a $40-50 Mojo Critter and it broke after the second use. Read up on Mojo and you will find many reviews with the same problems. Mojo Critter customer service sucked. Couldn't even get a return email from them. Hope this helps.
You could try Rural King, in Van Wert or MC Sporting Goods, for the Quiver Critter. Expedite makes the Quiver Critter, which looks like a rabbit and it squirms around and shakes a bit. Some folks think that the MOJO Critter spooks coyotes because it moves around too much.

Also, the MOJO Woodpecker, which is something that can be put on its' post or hung from an overhanging tree branch. It has one wing and twitches around a bit. Ofcourse, you might want to purchase a woodpecker distress call to go with it.

Both of these decoys are in the $25 range.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57