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Crow blastin


Junior Member
I like to crow hunt too. Not been a lot of crows around this winter tho.

I love the way this one spiralled in.

A bit of crow carnage.

Harrison Co coyote. We shot this one with the camera. It's all we had. :smiley_coolpeace:


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Super Mod
North Central Ohio
Love that first crow pic :smiley_crocodile:

Looks like some fun was had in the other crow pic lol. I noticed the flocks here wasn't as big as the usually are. I'm not complaining just saying I noticed lmao.


Junior Member
uglykat-- I'll keep you in mind. I'm slowly working my way towards Cadiz collecting permission slips along the way. LOL

Red Cloud-- When I seen that one spiral in & thump I thought how cool was that!!!!!!!!! Then I went to throw it out in the spread & what a photo op I found!! I have had some 20 bird shoots but that pic up there was only 15 IIRC. I would have to go back & count now.

badger-- Start blastin away man!! :smiley_cowboy:

EDIT-- That was a 20 bird shoot. The birds were spooky so I pulled some dekes in & only had 3 out. After about an hour either they didn't mind the extra birds or I was calling to new ones. Either way I was happy in the end.


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NE Ohio
Way to go on the crow kill!
They do kill a lot of baby wildlife I was surprised to learn.