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Current hot spot...


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Sunbury, OH
I hunt this particular farm 85% of the time. I have access to a ton of land but I always end up here most of the time for many reasons. I know these deer, it's convienant, and the deer I have been after for two years is still running around. This year I have seen the larger one not in the photo with these two. He skirts the camera.

Here is the aerial of the farm...I am surrounded by corn and one bean field. The pink is where permanent stands are. Opening morning I will be in the stand on the bottom left. It is being traveled alot between fields. Yellow indicates our property lines (our woods) didn't see the need to outline fields. I can hunt other areas but this is where I stay usually.

Startin to get the itch pretty bad.

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SW Ohio
Those are some nice bucks you got there beentown. Did that last one your after stay typical or go non-typ? He has great beams and spread. I would set my goal for him although the others would be great but knowing he's still out there after filling your buck tag would make the season drag longer. Just something to think about. Goodluck this season. You look to have some great sets according to your map. Stick to them edges of those cornfields, especially when there still standing.
You got a great set up!!.....The west side of your photo looks firmilar but I can't be sure. Nothing I hunted just driving around and scouting. The buck your after is a heck of a deer hope you get to place your hands on that rack this fall! I also think you got a good set up with the funnels and pinch points plus you got standing corn which will be a magnet now and after it is takin off!