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Custom Savage ML11 smokeless muzzleloader


Savage ML11, Laminate stainless, 50 cal Henry Ball Limited #108 of 500 also with PacNor 45 cal match grade barrel, 3rd pillar, bedded. Original 50 cal engraved Henry Ball barrel included.

Gun with 45 cal. Pacnor barrel mounted, Original 50 cal engraved Henry ball barrel, Burris 4.5-14 x 50 ballistic plex, Warne bases and removable rings, custom collapsible ram rod, 3 pounds N-120 unopened, 100+ Barnes 195 gr flat base bullets, blue sabots, extra breech plugs and vent liners, powder scale and powder tubes.

This is a very accurate , easy loading, shooting and cleanup muzzleloader for those that want a quality custom gun that performs at levels other store purchased guns just can't achieve. Also less than 500 of the Henry Ball signature guns produced.

Included 2 hr of range time instruction on loads, loading and cleaning.

Many of you have seen the hunting results of this gun over the years so I though I would off
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er it here first.

$1800.00 Grove City Ohio
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I sold it's brother, the Pacnor 45 cal, thumbhole laminate gun. This one is the Henry Ball custom, the same but different. I have been reluctant to part with this one not knowing if I would ever hunt again as it by far the nicest and most accurate gun I have ever owned. This gun shoots FLAT and where you point it. Now that I know I won't be hunting again it's time to let this gun do what it does best instead of sitting in a gun safe.


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It's a dream gun for me. I am in the middle of some major projects and just can't justify to spend the money on a want. Someone needs to scoop this up before I make an impulse buy. Lol


I am very confident I can list it on the savage smokeless site and sell it pretty quickly however that would most likely require shipping and I can't ship the powder. If there is someone really interested in Ohio I would work on the price a little or include a almost new lead sled rest with a 25 lb weight.

This is truly a custom gun that I have a lot more invested in it when you add in all of the other stuff I will be including than the price I am selling it for.
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