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Daughters Ukulele


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My daughter wanted a ukulele. She is learning to play the piano and wanted to learn to play a ukulele. Don’t ask me why? So instead of just buying her a one I decided to buy a kit. We got the kit from Grizzly Industrial.

I wanted her to come out in the shop and work on it with me. It was also met to instill a little of the do it your self attitude that I have in her.

I have always said when people ask “how did you learn to do that?” It is 90 percent just getting off your butt and starting the project. Learn as you go. Well I don’t want her to be helpless. Learn to work with your hands and brain!

Here are a few pictures. These are after we had glued the neck to the body and started the finish work.

She is using bronze wool to smooth out the finish.



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Man that cool buddy... Teach em young and they'll be self reliant for life.


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NE Ohio

Now if you can figure out how to get em to check the oil in the car... Let me know