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day 2, a lot more fun than yesterday.


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Crawford county
headed out around 2:00 this afternoon to the farm redcloud has been watching all summer. He couldnt go so I figured I'd do a little recon for him since my spots arent suited to a north - northeast wind, and there is a place on the other farm that would be a good vantage point to see from.

As I stepped into the woods the first thing I saw was a squirrel hunter with a shotgun standing maybe 60 yards from me. All I could think was "a guy just cant catch a break".
Eventually he wandered off and I was able to find a good enough tree to put my climber in, that was down wind of 2 places where 4 wheeler paths go
in and out of a corn field.
The first couple of hours were slow, I almost got a big groundhog but he spotted me when I was drawing my bow.
At a bout 7:00 2 deer stepped into the woods from the cornfield on the quad path furthest north from my position. approximately 100 - 110 yards away. I was hoping they would follow that path south to where it intersected with the other path that was 20 yards in front of me, and would eventually lead them right past me. Unfortunately they ended up going back into the corn after rummaging around in the leaves for about 20 minutes. The only other chance I had was if they were to follow the edge of the cornfield south to were the other quad path in front of me came into the woods, which would give me a 23 yard shot.
From my tree I could see into the corn and as I expected they did in fact work my direction, but it was now almost 7:30, it was starting to get dark, and I didnt think they were going to come out of the corn, so I decide to quietly break down my set and call it a day.
I had lowered my bow to the ground, as well as my pack, and was loosening up the straps on my climber when I heard noise behind me. At this point it was still legal hours, but with the overcast sky and the fact I was inside the woods I could'nt see any detail, but I could make out 2 huge bodied deer moving from the woods into the cornfield using the same quad path I saw the others on earlier. (Note to self, next time set up on that other path.)
I waited for them to get out of sight before I started down the tree, by now it was dark, I wanted to turn on my caplight but the first 2 deer were in the cornfield 20 yards from me and I didnt want to spook them. Just as I was reaching the ground those 2 came through the tree line and walked to about 15 feet from me. Again, it was dark so all I could tell was that the one in the front was larger than the one in the back, but they were both still small. all the sudden they stopped,... I could tell they were looking dead at me,... They couldnt see well enough to know what I was, but they knew I didnt belong there... The one in the front started to stomp and circle around to my right,... stomped some more,... moved a little closer,... stomped again...

As it was doing all this I was slowly moving my hand up to my caplight....


That doe froze in her tracks 10 feet from me. it was a green light so I dont think the light itself bothered her until I looked at her fawn standing to my left. thats when she bolted over and got between me and the fawn.
Seems we have a bit of a standoff. all it took was one word to end it...


Off like a shot in 2 different directions. It was so funny.

After that I started hearing coyotes howling and owls hooting, and I could still hear that 2nd pair of deer in the corn, so I packed up my things as quick as I could and headed to the truck.
I might head out there in the morning to see if I can catch those other 2 leaving the corn, but as far as I'm concerned, that doe and her fawn (which turn out to be the same ones redcloud let go yesterday) get a pass this season, just for providing me such an ... up close and personal experience....



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Good read Dante! Always nice to have them up close and personal. Glad you had a safe hunt and entertaining hunt!


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North Central Ohio
Good to hear you got some action out there tonight. Like I told ya on the phone tonight..sneak back in there in the morning about 45 min. before light and you should lay the smack down on one of them returning back to the bedding area out of the corn field. Good luck buddy and hope you do well.