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Decent ....A shooter maybe ? and Spots

I checked 2 cameras today

If the one buck keeps going
IMO he might be a shooter :pickle:
Your thoughts ?

And the other camera is getting just doe's with fawns
But that is OK , they taste great

I will check camera #3 Sat and see what is lurking in the woods behind my house



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Sunbury, OH
A shooter is different to everyone. I say a definite possibility. I have a harder time judging age in the summer. They all look so thin. If they are in a larger bachelor group then I can do it pretty easy.

Depends on what a shooter is to you bud.... IMO he is only 2.5 yrs old and wouldnt get much bigger than 100" 8pt

Might be
I am lousey judging age this time of the year

Here is a better pic showing the rack from the front better

And I have gone buckless some seasons
Because I didn't see a big enough buck
But I always get enough doe's to eat



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Good garsh, I think it's a nice looking deer. No one thinks that guy's 3.5 years old? I'm bad at age guessing, but that would've been what I thought.


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Good looking deer in my opinion John. I wonder if Rutin was looking at the deer closest to the camera? It is tougher to judge age in the summer, but I am thinking he is a little nicer than 2.5 100". I never claimed to be great at this game either though.


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Gods Country
Looks like he is going to be a good solid eight and maybe even make ten if he decides to sprout a couple more towards the end of his main beams. It looks like he might have a kicker of the one G2 also. Definitely got loads of potential.