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Deer Browse ID

Licking Co.
When walking the edge of a cornfield checking cams the other day I noticed deer were eating this weed like crazy. Wasn't a single one where the deer hadn't browsed the tops of it. Anyone know what it is?

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when you first posted this I thought that looked familiar, but couldn't place it. the shape of leaf, the way it is flowering and the general shape and size of the plant looks just like the Italian Basil we have growing in our herb garden. all joking aside, did you happen to break a leaf and smell it? could be some sort of wild basil or cross-pollinated with something.


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My apologies guys. Between work and this home sale I haven't had a chance to followup with the OSU weed people. I agree with Jager however that its some form of Amaranth. I wonder if a basil falls in that species also. Whatever it is the deer destroy it.
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