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Disable an Onboard Appliance Buzzer.


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So we bought this coffee pot from Krups that was a combination programmable coffee maker and apparent alarm clock for our 1-year-old son. The manufacturer in their infinite wisdom thought that writing two additional lines of code to disable this beeper from hell was beyond their cost requirements. Finally tired of it singing me the song of it's people every morning I set about to cut this little bastard vocal chord out. Surprisingly the buzzer was not on the control board for the front interface but another board lower down that controlled the heater.

If you ever go looking for one it looks like this. A standard onboard piezoelectric buzzer component. It's the little round black thing with a hole in the middle at the top right corner of the board.


Now you could flip the board over and desolder it off the board. Or carefully pop off the little black cap and remove the metallic disk inside. .


Put that little black cap back on and throw that little metallic disk in the damn trash. Assembly is the opposite of disassembly. Wala! No more coffee pot screaming an air raid siren like a banshee 45 minutes before everyone gets up.