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Doggone good dog thread


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North Carolina
Damn Dustin that was a hard read. But I hope this is a silver lining. Just read on.

We had a beautiful basset hound "Remi" who is in my profile photo on here. He and i spent hours hiking and hunting during myfirst years as a nurse before we had kids andiwas working nights. While i was in anesthesia school he went to live with my in laws and their dog (they were great buddies). After i graduated and we'd have time so he wouldn't be home alone as much he chose to stay there and by that time my mother in law considered him their dog. Well he passed away this winter at the ripe age of almost 15. My youngest sat with him and petted and loved on him while he took his last breaths. I couldn't ask for a better way for him to go.

Anyway and i think my allergies and the onion cutting ninja is in check.

This Friday we are picking up our new dog. He's a mini bernedoodle, the kids don't know and my daughter announced last night she's planning on asking Santa for a puppy. So we know they're gonna be over the moon.

So Dustin, while your story with Gunner ends on Friday I hope we get the continuation with our new family member. Hope this helps.

Doug, saw this and thought of your post. I got a kick outta this one….


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Just catching up here and saw this Dustin. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your posts the last few days in this thread were tough to read and that last pic was heart wrenching to look at. Thoughts and prayers to you and just know he’s in a better place. Dang brother….🙏❤️
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