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Doggone good dog thread


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Unbelievable. Of all the ground we have covered on this website, not a thread dedicated to dogs? This one could end up sticky material if everyone chimes in like I think they might. Throw out your dog stories, pictures, memories. I know we have some dog lovers on here.

I will start with Brutus. I hate to start this thread on a downer note, but Brutus is on his way downhill fast. We rescued him as a completely emaciated stray from the pound. He got nurtured back to health and has spent most of his life as a 75-80lb boxer. We don't have a doorbell but with Brutus we haven't needed one. We have had him 11years. They estimated him at 1-2yrs old when we got him. This puts him at 12-13yrs old. For a boxer, this is pretty ancient. The old man has had a great life and has offered us 11yrs of loyal service. He came into our home when our youngest was an infant and our oldest was 2 1/2-3yrs old. The pound allowed us to do a trial weekend. While in my recliner with infant son on my lap and toddler daughter on my lap, Brutus laid at my feet. Our daughter jumped off the recliner straddling the dog. She grabbed his ears and jumped up and down yelling "horsey horsey!" I couldn't do anything fast with the infant on my lap. Fortunately, this test was passed by Brutus with flying colors. He never flinched. At that point, I knew he was not going back to the pound. Our son is 11.5 and our daughter will be 14 in October. They know his time is near. He has been the main topic of conversation lately. We have laughed, cried, and talked a lot. Our kids do not remember a time when Brutus was not part of their lives. Our old warrior will be missed when he leaves us.


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My boy Remington Jay. He was 8 on the 4th of July and the poor guy can't see worth a damn. I'm afraid I may have to put him down if it continues to get worse. He's a hard headed sum bitch just like his owner, but he's been a damn good dog. He was our first kid and is as loyal to me as any dog I'll ever own. He could be better in some areas, but overall he was a great first dog for me. When I moved out on my own, all I wanted was my own dog and Remi filled that slot. He's traveled for work with me and logged over 250K miles in a truck. He's retrieved ducks in frigid temps and has been on more camera checks with me than most dogs could ever think about. I'm going to miss him when he's gone...

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Later tater. Was in a hurry to meet a client as I typed this up. I saw Brutus in his old, grizzled, warrior face laying on the floor as I finished my breakfast. Made me question why nobody ever started one of these. I mean, we have all seen Remi pics and read about him. Same goes for J's beagles, Kaiser's Ace and Leo. . . .why not a thread dedicated to our loyal companions. Whether pets or working dogs.

Shoot, Cotty's wife even petted BigCountry's weiners. Lol


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uploadfromtaptalk1439474971354.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439475040580.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439475163691.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439475316832.jpg

Meet Morgan, she just turned 3 on August 5th. She's 1/2 pit bull and 1/2 Alaskan husky. My cousin Wil has a female pit bull, and my cousin Jake has an all white Alaskan husky. Wil took his dog over to Jakes one day and they weren't paying attention to them. They did it doggystyle and Wil was left with 10 pups from his female. We got Morgan at 5 weeks old and had to give her replacement milk. She has since grown into a hyper ass, playful, loyal friend that I don't know what I'd do without. uploadfromtaptalk1439475699791.jpg
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Meet "Shorty" aka "Shorty Short Shorts" and Angel. Shorty is a Blue Healer that is the most loyal dog I have ever owned and Angle is a Maltese that is our love and joy. She goes just about every where with Laura and I and she has her morning / evening routine with me loving her up. Sadly I had a Black Lab named "Roto" that I had to put down 4 years ago due to cancer.





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Licking Co.
can't imagine NOT having dogs around. the worst thing about dogs is that they just don't live long enough.

three amigos.jpg
this is (from back to front) Lewis, Clark, and Lefty the week I brought Lefty home. he is 10 weeks old. standing with two 120lb Labs makes him look extra small. he was dubbed "dinky dog" on that day, and he actually comes to me when I call him that. :) Lewis and Clark were litter mates. Clark is gone now, Lefty is all grown up, Lewis hangin' tough. visit the small game forum to see what Lefty is all about. Curs are awesome dogs.


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Lola turned one in January. She's half golden and her little mates tell a tale of many different dads that got in on that action. She had a rough first year, requiring surgery on both knees at six months. She's has good days and OK days, but overall she's doing very well. She loves treeing squirrels in the back yard.
uploadfromtaptalk1439501570820.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439501623617.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439501669147.jpg
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Though I have bred and raised Golden Retrievers for more than a dozen years, it is my pitch black, Standard Poodle that I'll mention. Zeus is absolutely ZJ's dog. Wherever ZJ is, there's Zeus. Zeus sleeps with him every night and on the days that ZJ goes to Licco, you better be out of the way when ZJ comes home.
Zeus does his twirls of sheer elation to see ZJ walk through that door. The problem is, Zeus is HUGE. His head is a bit higher than my hip bone and when he twirls circles, you will get knocked over.
Zeus has thrown me 3 litters....2 Doodles and one Poodle. Every single pup, in every single litter, has been black. We were truly hoping for a mixture of color on the Poodle litter and when that didn't happen, ZJ told Zeus that he was going to be fired from making any more puppies. Guess time will tell if Zeus still adores ZJ after that!
This picture is of Zeus and Zoey, that produced the poodle litter I have currently.
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This is Tanner. Tanner is an English lab with some great bloodlines out of Alaska. He is a great dog for anything but fishing. I've "popped" many of hooks from this retards mouth.

I've never hunted him because when he was a pup my daughter would drag him around the house by hi tail, and he'd fall asleep... He really is the best family dog I've ever been around.
Early spring him trying to see what I'm pointing at. Lol

And my daughters dog...Fucking LuLu, I hate this damn dog. If she wasn't my daughters...
Rat terroir, barking, needy ass, whining ass, non listening ass, mole killing machine...
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Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-54-00.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-54-07.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-54-07.jpg Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-54-07.jpg 20150729_212636.jpg

This pup is my bestfriend. He gets me up to work on time. Loves to go for walk anywhere. When you ask him if he wants to go for a ride, he goes apeshit same goes for walking. He is always on my side everywhere i go. He lets me know someone is nearby even when we're outside in dark. He loves to play 24/7. I love that kid. He always put on a smile even when i had a bad day at work, tired, , cranky, but cold beer and he wants to fetch....is priceless. Oh he loves to sing along when Jamey Johnson is playing, lol fuck yeah


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Awesome stuff guys!

Here is Brutus when we got him. Totally emaciated. Then some pics in his prime years, and a couple extras. Poor dude has a tongue to make Gene Simmons jealous. When he sleeps he can't keep it in his mouth. That is how you know if he is in deep sleep or not. Deep sleep=tongue hanging out. You know he is fully relaxed at that point.

We took him camping in Hocking Hills one year. The kids still talk about that trip. We have camped there many times, but they remember the one Brutus tagged along.

Also one pic of Brutus kicking Hank's butt. Hank is my GSP. Brutus let him know who's turf it was when Hank came to live with us.


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Here's my 2 pups. Gunner is my German Shepherd. I was on my way to pick up a black lab pup when a friend of mine called and said she knew of a GS, which is what I was originally wanting. He was living in a trailer park with no yard. When I pulled up I was expecting the traditional black on brown GS. I saw him and was like WTF is that? He is the 1st all white GS I've ever seen. I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is the only one that has listened to me when I was having a rough time dealing with civilian life after I got back from Iraq. He will be 6 in December. If crack open a can of beer within ear shot, he knows he gets the first full can, I get the 2nd. The other one is Daisey Mae, my wife's English Bulldog. Daddy's little girl. She is 4 months old now.
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Dustin, I've had two white shepherds in my life and both were outstanding dogs... Love those dogs and too think years ago they weren't recognized by the Die hard breeders as true shepherds lol....