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donating venison

i couldnt think of a good spot to put this thread , so i put it where i thaught it would get the most views, anyway on to the task at hand ,

if you know of a place that some one could donate venison to , or maybe some one who would like to have some venison donated to them ,please post info in this thread

lets make a great example for other sites and feed some hungry people , or brighten some ones life
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DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Good idea UK, always great to help someone in need. If you can't find someone local a great place to start is a meat place that participates in the FHFH program (Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry).


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Massillon, Ohio
There isn't too many of us around this area, but there is a butcher shop in orville, Ohio by Smukers that I take my donation deer to. I will look up the name if there is any interest in it.
i gotta call tonight of a family wanting as many deer as they can get , after i get my freezer full im gonna donate to them whats left , so any one in my area wanna drop one or two off lemme know i got plenty of hanging room