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Don't let the bed bugs bite...


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I recieved this from a home health nurse...Take it for whats its worth...

With all the outbreaks in bedbugs in recent years, it makes pretty good
sense that this may be one cause of it.

Subject: Bedbugs

eeeeewwwwwww !!!
A bit of information that you might like to know about. We have friends
here in our community and one of their sons is an entomologist (insect
expert), and has been telling them that there is an epidemic of bed bugs
now occurring in America. Recently I have heard on the news that several
stores in NYC have had to close due to bed bug problems, as well as a
complete mall in New Jersey.
He says that since much of our clothing, sheets, towels, etc. now comes
from companies outside of America, (sad but true), even the most expensive
stores sell foreign clothing from China, Indonesia, etc. The bed bugs are
coming in on the clothing as these countries do not consider them a
problem. He recommends that if you buy any new clothing, even underwear
and socks, sheets, towels, etc. that you bring them into the house and put
them in your clothes dryer for at least 20 minutes. The heat will kill
FIRST. It does not matter what the price range is of the clothing, or if
the outfit comes from the most expensive store known in the U.S. They
still get shipments from these countries and the bugs can come in a box of
scarves or anything else for that matter. That is the reason why so many
stores, many of them clothing stores have had to shut down in NYC and other
places. All you need is to bring one item into the house that has bugs or
eggs and you will go to hell and back trying to get rid of them. He
travels all over the country as an advisor to many of these stores, as
prevention and after they have the problem.

Send this information on to those on your e-mail list so that this good
prevention information gets around quickly.

Dang... What next


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Swanton, Ohio
Bed bugs have been a growing problem for years. My exterminator buddy has been bitching about how they have fugged up his fishing, too many extra hours trying to control the bastards.


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Massillon, Ohio

Ok, so my wife who works for the heatlh department told me the way to find out if they have them at a hotel, which is where the biggest infestation of them is, is to look at the side of the matress. pull back the sheets and if the sides of the matress have black on them then it has bed bugs.

I always wash my clothes when I first get them. Something baout not knowing who the other person was who tried that stuff on grosses me out.
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It was news to me.
I always wash new stuff to get the "factory starch" out