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Don't let your meat loaf....how long is too long in the freezer?


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I've had meat last for years in my deep freezer. I just seal them, date them and in the deep freezer they go. Never, ever had a problem. I get a half cow and three deer every year, not counting the number fish I catch TOO. It's just my wife and I nowadays.
  • fish fillets
  • beef burgers/steaks/roasts
  • venison burgers/steaks/roasts/sausage
  • garden veggies
  • stews
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Long as it isn't freezer burnt its good imo. There's wooly mammoths thawing in permafrost in Alaska and Siberia that are just now rotting. Frozen is freaking frozen. If they can show me a bacteria that can grow at sub zero temps then I'll change my mind.
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Warren County
We recently finished our last pack of ground beef from a cow we had processed two years ago. Same with a venison tenderloin from a few seasons back. Like Joe said, if it's not freezer burned you should be good to go.
I’ve found that as long as it is vacuumed sealed in plastic bags, it’ll last a long time. The longest I’ve kept frozen venison is about a year and a half....but I suspect it could last longer. I try to use up all of the frozen deer meat before the next season begins. As a matter of fact, I’ve got about 10 packs of burger and 5 packs of steaks that I have to use before October.


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We have venison 4 nights a week, and usually have about 20lbs left when I get another one. The remainder go to a buddy who doesn’t hunt anymore
Licking Co.
how well anything keeps in the freezer is a function of how it is packaged. I've been vacuum sealing everything for nearly 20 years, so I've rather forgotten about how long stuff that isn't vac-sealed will keep. Before I had a sealer, we would tightly wrap steaks in plastic wrap then in freezer paper and never had any trouble keeping stuff for a year. if it isn't freezer burned, I'll try to eat it. I've eaten venison loins that were two years old, burger three years old and fish three years old that were as good as the day I vacuum packaged them. I can't imagine life without a good vacuum sealer. indispensable.
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A butcher told us this: Sight and Smell is your clue on vacuum packed meat. Freezer burnt it will change colors. He went as far to say you could cut off the discoloration and still eat it if it smelled OK. But to be safe......Just go by the sight and smell.
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