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Double or single noch point?

brock ratcliff

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I use a single now. I used to use a double and will probably go back to it. I always shot better back then, and I've used every other excuse for my shooting going to crap. Probably because I switched ...


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Single nock set and above the nock. My shooting is the worst it's been in years.

I prefer to shoot a left handed bow and since I'm right eye dominant, I 'reach around' the string with my right eye so I can shoot wif my dominant eye. It's screwed up .... :smiley_breakdance:


*Hims a Super Moderator*
me too - i tried to shot right handed using muh left eye - but can't do it - dang - i doan't know wud uhm gon'a do - prolly hunt wif a spear


The Crew
The reason for the question is 2 fold.
With your current set up, do you notice any porposing of the arrow?
This can happen with a not so perfect release.

With a double noch set or the set below the arrow noch the string deflection is minimized.
Split finger of course. 3 under is a diff animal.:smiley_chinrub: