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Dress Warm This Morning


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Southeast Ohio
It's gonna be a cold one! Deer outta be on their feet though. Good luck to you guys this weekend and I hope to see pictures of the big ones soon!

I may sneak out this morning after work. Gonna have a hard time making myself go to bed instead of heading to the stand when it's this cold out. Wish I would have had this kind of weather while I was off all week!


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North Central Ohio
I haven't been that cold on stand in a long time....it was AWESOME !!!

The deer stayed just out of range this morning so I moved my stand about 40-50 yards so if they used that trail again this evening I could reach out and smack one lol.


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Dang it sure was chilly this morning! I only saw one deer... looked like a buck but I couldn't make out how big the rack was since it was just barely light out. On a better note, I checked my cam that's been sitting on a food plot for a few weeks and I got quite a few daytime pics. I know where I'm heading tonight!


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Gods Country
I thought it was an absolutely awesome morning as far as weather went. It was cold enough for a frost but the ground was still warm enough that it melted the frost on the leaves so it was a decently quite walk in. Saw 7 deer, 4 of them being bucks, and three of those where definite shooters for the wifey. They just stayed out of range like RCs did. Maybe they are related or something cray like that. Moved our stands and am planning on going back in the morning. Hopefully they travel the same path, if so the wife will have her first deer. tomorrow morning.:smiley_crazy: :smiley_bird:


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Up Nort
I saw three at 6:30am and they decided to leave. Nothing else. My boss had a good hunt. He didn't shoot anything, but he saw a lot of rutting activity. He's still looking for #1.


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Supposed to drop to 29 here tonight. Wasn't super cold this morning, but it had a nice chill. Had some chasin deer on the other side of the creek from us. Never could make it any heads.


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Crawford county
It was cold this morning too, had my son in stand this morning and in a blind last night. for the first time ever. was a good one to break him in on.