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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR........DANG, This is frustrating

My uncle came in from texas called to ask if he could hunt my stands told him yea go right ahead seeing as how I doubt I will make it with football winding down. He said he walked to tracks back and his sister(my aunts) dogs barked the whole way here and on the tracks where three does. Than in a newly cut bean feild was a buck and doe bedded down not 20 yards from the wood edge that I have a stand just twenty yards in!!! It's so frustrating to have football taking up so much time and all these missed opportunities. I can't be gone from 6 am- 8pm every everyday and 12 hours on the weekend and than expect my wife and daughter to let me go hunting for a couple hours when I haven't seen them all week!! They would let me go but it's the fact I feel horrible not seeing them. So with football winding down I am getting pumped to get out there and might try to start sneaking out on the weekends and it's relly getting my goat now that my uncle said that buck was bedded down near my stand!!


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Massillon, Ohio
I know how you feel, I work my 40 during the week, and wed. and Fri. nights I work my bartending job. So on the weekends I jsut want to be home relaxing, good thing I have a good wife. Last year I tried to hunt all the time and work, Wed., Fri., sat., and Sun. It was too much.


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Dammit. I'm not deer hunting this weekend, gonna work around the yard and garage Sat and inlaws are coming over on Sunday.
Early in the week they were calling for rain both weekend days, now they're saying not. I think some squirrels are gonna hafta die just to carry me over the weekend.

I know not deer hunting is the right thing to do this weekend, but it's just killin' me.
Killin me.
Finally got to go out this afternoon after this mornings film and practice. Found a great tree to set up in and was really stoned about hunting it. Saw alot of tree rats ,one ground hog, and eight deer but they were about 600yds away on the other side of the field !!! And fed away from me. I was happy to see deer from the new tree just wish they were closer.