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Episode #5: The Bounty of Spring


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In this episode, Joe and Jesse talk all things spring. From morels to ramps, to turkeys, minerals, and gaining permission on new ground, spring is a bountiful time and it makes for a great conversation.



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Yet another great episode, fellas. Very well done. I especially liked when you got toward the end and started discussing hunting leases. The conversation got a bit more candid and “campfire-like,” which helped me stay engaged. Also, I nearly spit out my coffee when Joe talked about the oyster shell baiting incident. 😅
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I look forward to this each week. Great discussion all around.

@bowhunter1023 - you better hit me up about the food plot usage, we need to get more diversity rocking to increase that usage brother!! Minerals over foodplots..... pleaseeeee hahahahah jk!!!

Great stuff boys - cant wait for the next one.
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Real nice job!! Finally caught up on the last 2 shows. You all have those personalities that are easy going and flow from one topic to another without having to figure out what to talk about next. Keep up the great work!!!
That's because Joe "talks to damn much" 🤣

Honestly, this is just a very small example of how the gatherings flow. You can hop from group to group all day long and talk to people about every subject you could ever dream up. I know you know this, Chuck. But I'm talking to those who haven't been to an event. We have the next one in a couple of weeks and I encourage anyone who enjoys these, to make an appearance. Even if you only have limited time, it is worth it. I promise once you go to one, you will make time for them in the future.


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SW Ohio
Great job fellas! It’s funny that after listening to you guys talk about leasing and getting permission tactics that just a few days ago I got a letter from a guy from, “that state up nort” asking for permission to hunt. It’s too bad we’re in the same boat though but it just shows you how times have changed. I also sent out 8 letters back in 2006 asking for permission around our new home to just shed hunt and only 2 of them responded and 1 allowed me to shed hunt only as others already deer hunted it. I did however run into a farmer as I was trying to find another landowners home to knock on his door that asked me if I needed help as he was driving by. I told him what I was doing and he said I was more than welcome to walk his couple hundred acres and that I could even hunt on it too. Talk about hitting the motherload! That chunk of dirt gave me a dozen or so years of great memories and happiness! Thank you farmer John and may he Rest In Peace!!!!