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Episode #8: All Things Soil w. The No-Till Guru


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Episode #8 can be found on our YouTube Page, and on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcast apps!

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Following the launch of his new venture, Vitalize Seed Company - https://vitalizeseed.com/, I had to have our resident no-till food plot guru @at1010 on to talk about how and why Vitalize Seed came to be. For those that don't follow Albert outside of TOO, he shares his knowledge with folks via the Facebook Group Habitat Chat - by Habitat Podcast and he's a frequent guest on podcasts, including The Habitat Podcast. Some of you might remember my appearance on their podcast last year, but if you haven't heard it, you can listen to Habitat Podcast #110 here. You can also listen to Episode #173 of the Habitat Podcast to hear Al and his business partner, Jared Van Hess, discuss launching Vitalize Seed.

This episode is packed with soil info in a similar way as Al's legendary No Till Food Plots - So Easy thread is. Among topics discussed, we hit on:
  • How and why Vitalize Seed Company got its start.
  • Why soil samples matter and how Albert finally convinced me to do one.
  • Using the right seed blend to revive the soil and naturally manage weeds.
  • Not all brassica plots are created equal and here’s why.
  • Are crimpers worth it, or are they overrated?
  • Managing invasives and turning red clay into viable food plot soil.


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Thank you, Jesse!

Absolute great time being on! It is always hard to squeeze all the information I want to cover, coherently, in an hour or so. However, I always try my best!

I am really trying to champion sound soil health practices. Although ideally, everyone would have a no-till, never need herbicide, have perfect mechanical termination, etc. We need to just get started. Get started with what you can be it a bag spreader, a very light discing, or a sprayer/spreader, get started using diverse mixes, and increase microbial populations in your soils.

Most are so surprised I say or talk at all about tillage but I recognize that there are many who will not take a step in the direction of soil conservation at all if they can not at least till in some way. I think creating a place for education and commandery around soil conservation, with the end goal of all striving for the ideal situation - is how we all get better.

Thank you again Jesse - next time around we will get more in-depth into some of the reasons nutrients cycle and how we can further enhance/read soil tests.



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You sure can tell you love what you do!
thank you!!

I love soil health a lot more than selling seed, to be honest.

That is why I never planned to start a seed business. I honestly really enjoy sharing as much information as I can, for free, on the internet about soil health! Been very blessed to have a lot folks like @bowhunter1023 and @jagermeister, etc. who have followed me for years and pushed me to share more and more info. Really couldn't ask for a better hobby!