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Ever find one of these in a tree?


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Helped a buddy move a stand Saturday. Tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. Got up there to ratchet it onto the tree and there was a knot hole in it about between your shoulder blades. Found a mouse nest. New one for me. Glad I am not going to be hunting it. What a surprise that would be?


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I hate mice! Had one in the scrap wood bin last year. Fugger jumped on my arm and ran across my hand...ugh...anyhow, he jumped in between a folded cardboard box and couldn't get out so I smashed it with a hammer.

Found a dead one on a bucket earlier this year. Evidently it jumped or fell in and couldn't get out. I'm glad it died a slow death.


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Great picture. My buddy hunted a tree last year that had a tree next to him with a hole in it. A squirrel would always peak his head out at him as he sat in his stand. He took a funny ass pic of him one day. Wish I could find it. My buddy didn't have the heart to kill him. It gave him entertainment.


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Sunbury, OH
Time to highjack a bit...When I was a kid/teenager we had animals to feed early in the morning before all the other chores. It was my turn for the rounds so I just threw on a pair of Carharts with nothing on underneath. Opened the feed container and a rat jumped in my coveralls!!!!! I fuggin HATE rats to this day.



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NE Ohio
Great Picture!

They are ok in the woods. I kill em all in the house. (just like chipmunks. they play hell in the walls)


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Nope.. But Saturday I did stay in my stand an extra 45 min after dark thinking there was a deer in the thicket not 30 yards from me. I waited and waited not wanting to spook it off as there is a good buck in the area. I never saw a body and eventually got pissed and shined the light on it.. Fuggin flying squirrel.. Them damn things are louder than normal squirrels and tree rats combined.


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Summit County
I was viciously attacked by a flying squirrel 2 years ago. It had made a nest in one of our elevated blinds and my wife knocked it out. He kept coming back cause he couldn't take a hint and on one attempt he used my shoulder as a landing pad, scared the chit outta me. My wife was laughing so hard it almost ruined the morning hunt.